Nether Poppleton Parish Council

Notes for Grant Applications

  1. Applicants must complete a Grant Application Form and submit it to the Clerk of the Parish Council on or before 1st January prior to the financial year that funding is required. Financial years run from 1st April.
  1. Grants are at the sole discretion of the Nether Poppleton Parish Council (NPPC) and must be shown by the applicant to be for benefit of the community of Nether Poppleton Parish and should ordinarily be for something which would not have happened without the funding.
  1. Grant applications will be considered on a year by year basis and an award one year should not create an expectation of one in subsequent years. Indeed, NPPC wishes to discourage regular grants which can create dependency.
  1. Monies will only be distributed for Capital Expenditure on presentation of an invoice for the completed works, unless otherwise approved by NPPC.
  1. Monies for Non-Capital Expenditure will be distributed on evidence of need or an invoice for the service provided, unless otherwise approved by NPPC.
  1. Responses for funding, whether approved or rejected, will be informed through email or by letter if the organisation applying does not have email.
  1. Applicants must nominate an individual for contact purposes.
  1. Applicants are invited to support their case for a grant application at the Nether Poppleton Parish Council meeting on the 3rd Monday in January prior to the financial year for which funding is being sought.
  1. Applicants should make all attempts possible to get other grants and should indicate who else they have applied to and the expectation of success.
  1. Should applicants require any clarification on the above points then they should contact the Clerk, James Mackman, at or 39 Calder Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RG.