Agenda for 15 January 2024 Meeting

Nether Poppleton Parish Council Agendas Uploaded on January 10, 2024


Notice is hereby given that there will be a MEETING of the NETHER POPPLETON PARISH COUNCIL in the POPPLETON CENTRE, MAIN STREET, UPPER POPPLETON at 7.15pm on MONDAY, 15 JANUARY 2024 to consider the business set out below.

24/010 – To receive declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest (not previously declared) on any matters of business


24/012 – To receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting

24/013 – To consider the approval of reasons given for absence

24/014 – To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20 November 2023

24/015 – To receive a report from a City of York Councillor – for information only

24/016 – To receive the Clerk’s Report on progress on the following: –
(a) Making the Long Ridge Lane/Millfield Lane junction more cycle friendly (Min.23/308a)
(b) Allerton Drive garden hedge cutting (Min 23/310d)
(c) The rectification of the damage to the riverbank next to Saxe Dane Lodge (Min. 23/310c)

24/017 – Finance
(a) To receive a financial statement

(b) To note accounts for payment

(c) To receive a report on income received

(d) To agree to pay a proportion of the Clerk’s SLCC subscription (£100.28)

(e) To consider requests for grants for 2024-2025 from: –
i. Millennium Green Trust (£1,250)
ii. Moat Fields Management Group (£1,000)
iii. Poppleton Community Trust (£5,000)
iv. Poppleton Luncheon Club (£100)
v. Poppleton Under Fives (£1,250)
vi. Poppleton Youth Club (£2,200)
vii. St Everilda’s Church towards the cost of cutting the grass in the churchyard (£1,950)

(f) To agree the Budget for 2024-2025 and set the precept

(g) To agree the cost of repairing the notice board in Allerton Drive

24/018 – Parish Council Land – To receive progress reports and make appropriate decisions on
(a) Grass cutting.
(b) The management of Warren Lea
(c) The management of the Common Land
(d) Allerton Drive garden
(e) The Moat Fields
(f) The Cartsheds
(g) The Wildlife Area
(h) The five-year tree survey

24/019 – To consider Councillor and Clerk Training

24/020 – To consider matters relating to Highways, Footpaths, Lampposts & Signs – including a request for permission to provide a seat in Millfield Lane

24/021- To discuss the next steps in creating one parish council for Poppleton

24/022 – To discuss the possible reinstatement of the BMX track in Millfield Lane

24/023 – To receive verbal reports on/from
(a) Poppleton Community Trust
(b) Trees Working Group
(c) Village policing
(d) YLCA York Branch
(e) Youth Club
(f) Any other meeting

24/024 – To note Correspondence received by the Clerk

24/025 – To note the dates of forthcoming meetings

24/026 – To consider Minor Matters

24/027 – To consider new items for the next agenda

24/028 – To agree the date of next meeting

Posted 9 January 2024 Signed James Mackman

James Mackman, Clerk 39 Calder Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RG
Tel: 01904 399277 – email