At June’s meeting, Nether Poppleton Parish Council discussed the possibility of moving the bus terminus which is outside the Lord Nelson. This followed a request from some residents, a number of whom attended the meeting and spoke, for us to look at the move. The residents fully supported the bus stop being there but sought to change the location of the terminus (i.e. the stop where the route resets and which therefore involves the longest wait).

Councillors were sympathetic with the problems of traffic and access as well as air pollution that the terminus causes but felt it was very difficult to think of a better location and there would always be issues. The terminus gives a greater chance to ‘catch’ commuters by giving a longer wait time which means it has to be in the village itself. A decision on whether or not to move the terminus is a matter for the City Council, working with the bus company, but although councillors agreed the current location was not ideal they could not think of a better one.

The residents’ request for us to discuss the issue is an excellent example of how you can influence the agenda. If there is a matter which you think the Parish Council should discuss please get in touch with our clerk, James Mackman.