Moat Fields Plans considered

At the last Parish Council meeting councillors received a presentation by Ian Woods on behalf of the Moat Fields Management Group (MFMG) which looked at changes the committee would like to see. The MFMG manage the area of fields, which are beyond Church Lane and St Everilda Church, and councillors have frequently commented on how fortunate the village is to have such an able and willing group of volunteers making up the committee.

Ian set out a vision of the changes the committee would like to see which included the likes of new hedges and fencing and other improvements, as well as detailing possible funding streams before taking questions. The work will enable the area to be best looked after, whilst balancing issues like not disturbing ground which needs protecting, so it can be enjoyed by a variety of users.

Councillors all agreed that the Moat Fields had long been a great asset for the village and this had been seen all the more so in the Covid times with their access to fresh air and nice walks. All agreed that they supported the vision set out for the area and supported the idea of providing one off and ongoing funding as and when needed.