Tree planting has of course become very topical and increasingly important and not far from us at Rufforth the City of York Council is set to create a new community woodland. Yet in many ways we have seen a reduction in the number of trees in the village as they are taken out over time due to factors like decay and age. Prompted by a resident, the Parish Council discussed what more could and should be done to get more trees planted across the village, for a better village look and of course to do our bit for the environment.

There are broadly three types of land in the village – Parish Council, City of York Council (including Highways) and privately owned land. Clearly the Parish Council can only decide to plant trees on land it owns but in looking at where trees would be beneficial we may be able to facilitate planting on CYC or private land.

With 2022 seeing celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee the addition of some new trees could be a particularly new way to mark this. There could be one particular tree planted for the occasion, however this remains early days and indeed at the same meeting councillors were appointed to a Working Group to look at how the Parish Council, in conjunction with Upper Poppleton Parish Council, may best help mark the Jubilee.

Another idea suggested is that trees could be planted as tributes and memorials to people and as part of that they could potentially be sponsored, for example with family paying for the tree and maintenance in tribute to a loved one. It’s all just ideas though at this stage.