Each year Nether Poppleton Parish Council is required to set a precept, which is the amount collected on its behalf by City of York Council, which goes to fund spending in the parish. You will see the precept on your Council Tax bills alongside the amount going to the City and the likes of the Police and Fire Service.

The precept is used to fund Parish Council spending including items like grounds maintenance, grant applications, the upkeep of the website and the clerk’s salary. Having been allocated in the budget spending is then approved item by item by councillors at their monthly meetings (currently on Zoom).

January’s Parish Council meeting saw the setting of the precept. Councillors received a draft budget from the clerk and made comments on it, including discussing the need to provide for defibrillator maintenance and the need to put money aside for probable Cart Shed repairs. Presentations were also made and discussions had over grant applications from Millennium Green Trust, Poppleton Luncheon Club, Poppleton Community Trust, Poppleton Under Fives, Poppleton Youth Action Group and St Everilda’s Church. These organisations had all previously submitted the required grant application forms. Councillors decided to allocate various amounts to these organisations from a budgeting viewpoint and will discuss in the next financial year whether to pay the money out.

Councillors elected for a precept level of £22,000 which is unchanged from the current year. Although this figure means the council is budgeting for a small deficit your councillors believe this is prudent given the reserves currently held.