Poppleton Library Re-Opens

Good News!

Poppleton Library re-opened today – 12 April 2021.

Covid restrictions apply: –

A maximum of six people are allowed in at any one time

Mask wearing is essential

Visitors will need to sign in as a Track & Trace system will be in operation


Kind regards

Deborah Johnson

Poppleton Library Manager
tel: 01904 552680 | email: debbie.johnson@exploreyork.org.uk

Poppleton Centre News

We’re back in business

It is with a profound feeling of relief that Beth and Barry will be fully opening the doors of The Centre on Monday morning, 12 April, as Government guidelines give us the okay to go ahead.

Of course, not all our clubs and organisations will be able to resume normal service but when they can – we’ll be there for them.

If you’re a member of a group that uses the Centre contact your organiser to find out when you can return.


….the Poppleton Social is still open

Sam and Louise are planning on putting the marquee roof back up and getting those fantastic patio heaters back outside!

During the day they’ll be continuing to serve Coffee and Cake and will also have a new small food menu – trying out some new paninis, teacakes, toast etc

The bar will continue Thursday-Saturday serving pizza and craft beer from 5pm!! They’ve also opened bookings for the evening via their website poppletonsocial.co.uk. 

Your village trees

Our villages at this time of year are so pretty with hedgerows flowering and trees becoming green again – life is returning. In 1998 there was a government initiative to green up the countryside and Nether Poppleton Parish Council took up the call for Linear Forests to be planted along verges and highways. This was completed at a cost of over £1,300.

Grants were received and more than 50 trees were planted along the back lanes of the villages with the permission of the local landowners.  During Lockdown these backroads have become a haven of peace and tranquillity for so many as we try to get in our exercise and at least greet fellow villagers

Sadly, some of the trees that were planted have now be damaged by a chainsaw.  This has ruined the habitat for birds just as the nesting season is starting.  We are hoping with the next greening initiative to replant much of the area.  If you might be interested in helping in any way in this project, do get in touch.

Parish Council Notice

Poppleton residents we are delighted to inform you that we have put a new website together as a one stop information board for all activites, clubs and societies in the village.  Please let us know what you think and if we have left anything out that you feel should be there. contact us via the Parish Clerk on the website.