I’m sure by now many of you will have noticed the removal of the large willow tree next to the cart sheds opposite Rupert’s Barn. It was quite a shame that the tree had to be removed but it was causing damage to the cart sheds themselves. A large crack had developed in the wall of the shed that threatened to cause it to collapse. The roots have undermined the foundations and so emergency action had to be taken.


We hope to plant a replacement tree, this time away from the cart sheds, as soon as we can. Although it will be some months before the tree will be planted we have added it to the agenda for future meeting discussion and it was agreed at the February Parish Council meeting that we would ask the Poppleton Wildlife Trust for their thoughts.


The sheds will need some repair as drains and gutters need to be cleaned and replaced and this work will take place as soon as possible, again it has been discussed at past meetings and will be in the future.