Last year Nether and Upper Poppleton Parish Councils appointed representatives to a committee to look at local plans for this year’s Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II will this year become the first British monarch ever to reach 70 years on the throne and as a result national celebrations are being planned over a four-day Bank Holiday extended weekend from 2nd June. The purpose of the committee is to co-ordinate and organise events in Poppleton, primarily over that June weekend.

The committee has met twice already and will meet again this month and monthly going forward to share expertise and bring local people together in planning to maximise the participation and fun in June. It is hoped a leaflet will be produced of all events in the village. The committee has spoken to and will speak to the likes of the scouts, local schools and sports groups. It is planned that the celebrations will see a combination of music and entertainment type events as well as an interesting but more educational type of focus, for example with the likes of Poppleton History Society doing interview segments with people who remember the coronation 70 years ago. Floats around the village, maypole dancing, arts and photographic exhibitions and big screens to show videos and national television coverage are amongst the ideas being looked at!

Funding of the plans is clearly a key consideration and will be kept closely under control. It is possible there may be funding from the Parish Councils as well as Ward Funding from City of York Council. However the committee would be keen to hear from anyone, whether an individual, organisation or business, who feels they could provide financial or other support.

Below is a link to a survey which we would be delighted for you to complete about what you would like to see or how you may be able to help. It will only take about a minute or so of your time, though you can of course spend far longer if you are bursting with ideas!