At recent Parish Council meetings the issue of speed in the village has been discussed. There are a number of problem spots and one area considered before is Main Street, especially the bends just out of the main built-up area. The Parish Council had reported its concern to North Yorkshire Police who agreed to monitor speed and this was reported to Monday’s meeting.

Overall the police report showed average speeds well inside the speed limit but a small minority of speeders. Based on the data taken and other evidence the North Yorkshire Road Safety Task Group believe a Community Speed Watch (CSW) may be sensible. A CSW is a group of volunteers who are given training and equipment (from fluorescent jackets to speed monitoring devices) by the police and they then monitor speeds.

Councillors agreed that looking to set up a CSW would be added to the next meeting’s agenda. The Parish Council does not meet in December and this next meeting will therefore be 17th January. However!! If CSW is to be brought in there needs to be enthusiasm from residents with a reasonable number volunteering to help. Schemes have failed in other areas where there have been too few volunteers who have therefore tired and it has fizzled out.

If you wish to make any comments on speed in the village, a proposed CSW or are interested in volunteering please contact our clerk James Mackman at Residents are of course very welcome at the January meeting, as they are at any meeting.