: Anne Hook: 6 Elm Tree Avenue: .

    I moved to Poppleton in September 1995 and became a member of Upper Poppleton Parish Council in November 2018. In the May 2019 local council election, I was elected as a Ward Councillor for Rural West York.  As part of my role, I attended meetings of Nether Poppleton Parish Council and was invited to become a member.  I find that being a member of both Parish Councils is a very good way of keeping in touch with lots of things which are happening in the village and is really invaluable in being able to respond quickly to the needs of all residents.

    I feel fortunate to live in Poppleton, which is a beautiful village with friendly residents and is in an ideal location – just 4 miles from the centre of York yet lying within the /Green Belt, surrounded by open fields and woodlands.