The Poppleton Youth Club is on the brink of having to close.

You will have heard that Poppleton Ousebank School evicted the club from the room which they had occupied for over 30 years and shared with PopSoc.

We have been looking for a new venue ever since – which has been difficult because possible alternative venues have been closed during COVID, although we have a couple of leads.

Now several members of the management committee have resigned or indicated that they wish to resign.

If the Youth Club is to continue, the management committee urgently needs new members. None of the existing committee have children or even grandchildren who attend the club, so new support from parents and grandparents is essential.

The Youth Club has employees who run the club on a day-to-day basis, so being on the management committee is normally not too much work – just a few meetings per year once a venue has been found and we are back to normal business.

If anyone would like to help, please contact Anne Hook 07851 671027

If no one comes forward, the Youth Club will be forced to close, which would be very sad.