Notice is hereby given that there will be a MEETING of the UPPER POPPLETON PARISH COUNCIL in the POPPLETON CENTRE, MAIN STREET, UPPER POPPLETON at 7.00pm on MONDAY, 12 JULY 2021 to consider the business set out below.




21.117 - To receive declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest (not previously declared) on any matters of business


21.118 - To receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting


21.119 - To consider the approval of reasons given for absence


21.120 - To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 June 2021




21.122 - To receive the City of York Councillor’s report – for information only


21.123 - Planning Applications

(a)   To consider the following Planning Applications: -  

·      Ref:  21/00800/FUL - Erection of 2 no. dwellings with vehicle access from Dikelands Lane at Crossfields, Main Street.

·      Ref:  21/01314/FUL - Temporary access road in association with sales office and associated car parking at Former Civil Service Club and agricultural land to the north of Boroughbridge Road.

·      Ref:  21/01417/TCA – Crown lift 1no. Cherry tree in a Conservation Area at Ashburnham Hodgson Lane.

·      Ref:  21/01524/FUL - Detached garden room to rear at Green View, The Green.

·      Ref:  21/01609/TCA - Fell 1no. Cherry and 1no. Almond tree in a Conservation Area at Grove House, Main Street.


(b)   To note Local Authority Planning Decisions


21.124 - Finance

(a)   To receive a financial statement

(b)   To agree accounts for payment

(c)   To receive a report on income received

(d)   To agree the process for making payments by electronic banking


21.125 - To consider matters relating to the Village Greens, Allotments and Guild Hut

(a)   To consider a report from the Greens Working Group

(b)   Trees

(c)   Events

(d)   Maintenance

(e)   Allotments

(f)     Guild Hut


21.126 - To consider matters relating to Highways, Footpaths, Lampposts & Signs

(a)   To consider reports on vandalism

(b)   To consider a quotation for painting the railings opposite the tennis courts in Main Street

(c)   To receive other reports



21.127 - To consider Councillor & Clerk training


21.128– To review the Parish Council’s Risk Assessment


21.129 – To consider a request that there should be one Parish Council for the whole of Poppleton


21.130 - To consider a draft letter regarding the state of Blairgowrie


21.131 – To consider a request from the Moat Fields Management Committee for a grant of £1,500 towards the cost of hedging on the Moat Fields


21.132 – To consider Councillors using a poppleton-pc.org.uk email address


21.133 – To discuss making the area between the A59 and the Park & Ride site accessible to the general public


21.134 - To receive Committees' Representatives Reports

(a)   Listed Buildings Working Group

(b)   Poppleton Community Trust

(c)   Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Working Group

(d)   Village Show

(e)   YLCA York Branch

(f)     Youth Club

(g)   Any other meeting


21.135 - To receive a report on Village Policing


21.136 -To receive the Clerk's Report on progress on the following:

(a)   Moving the bench at the corner of Long Ridge Lane (Min. 21.111a)

(b)   Moving the new seat on Chantry Green (Min. 21.111e)

(c)   The easement for Model Farm (Min. 21.104di)


21.137 - To note correspondence received


21.138 - To note forthcoming meetings


21.139 - To consider Minor Matters


21.140 - To consider new items for the next agenda


21.141 - To agree the date of next meeting


Posted 6 July 2021                                 Signed     James Mackman


James Mackman, Clerk   39 Calder Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RG

Tel:  01904 399277                  -           email  upperpoppletonclerk@poppleton-pc.org.uk