Our villages at this time of year are so pretty with hedgerows flowering and trees becoming green again – life is returning. In 1998 there was a government initiative to green up the countryside and Nether Poppleton Parish Council took up the call for Linear Forests to be planted along verges and highways. This was completed at a cost of over £1,300.

Grants were received and more than 50 trees were planted along the back lanes of the villages with the permission of the local landowners.  During Lockdown these backroads have become a haven of peace and tranquillity for so many as we try to get in our exercise and at least greet fellow villagers

Sadly, some of the trees that were planted have now be damaged by a chainsaw.  This has ruined the habitat for birds just as the nesting season is starting.  We are hoping with the next greening initiative to replant much of the area.  If you might be interested in helping in any way in this project, do get in touch.