Parish Allotments

There are two allotment sites in the village of Upper Poppleton. The land is owned by the Parish Council so application and enquiries are made through the Parish Clerk, James Mackman in writing and then considered by the Parish Council.

Beech Grove Allotments

There are eight allotments on this site, each approximately 300 square metres. All are currently tenanted. The land is owned by the Parish Council but the allotments are run as a self-managing group.

Main Street Allotments

There are seven allotments on this site.  All are let for the year from 1 April 2024. Currently (January 2024) there is no-one on the waiting list which is kept by the Parish Clerk.  Please contact the Clerk if you wish to add your name to the list.

Non-Parish Allotments

There is a further site  of approximately 40 plots on Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton.  This land is owned by the Charity Lands and Unknown Donor’s Dole of Nether Poppleton ( Registered Charity Number 219434).  For further inquires and information please contact Paul Sanderson telephone 01904 796958