City Of York Services

City Of York Services


Many areas that people think are the responsibility of Nether and Upper Poppleton Parish
Councils are actually those of  City of York Council (CYC), the Local Authority.
The main area of confusion is over areas like grass cutting when residents are not clear
whether a grassed area belongs to CYC or the Parish Council and whose responsibility it is.
We are happy to answer queries about any of these aspects. However, many areas are the
absolute responsibility of CYC and we detail below these areas of operations which are
frequently relevant for residents.
Nether and Upper Poppleton are two of the eight villages which make up the ward of
Rural West York which elects two of the 47 Councillors.

The link below who Councillors are and the decisions they make.
Noise Pollution
Whether it be an excessively loud party or a persistent problem with a loud business, the link
below has the contact details.
This is covered in much more detail in the ‘Planning’ and ‘Planning Applications’ section of
this website but the best link within the CYC website is below:

Overgrowing hedges:   Most residents make sure that the footpath is kept clear so that pedestrians and families with pushchairs can pass easily. The footpath/pavement should be wide enough to take two people walking side by side. Sometimes hedges do overlap and if they are a problem for residents they can be reported here. The Council usually sends a notice of the issue. The resident is given a reasonable period of time to respond and remedy the situation.  However if this does not happen the Council can insist on the work being done and the resident will have to pay for this.

Reporting General Problems
Below is the main link for reporting all sorts of problems from a pothole to a street light
(please try to note the unique number on the street light column). These are part of CYC’s
initiative to ‘Report it online’. If you want you can set up a ‘My Account’ so you can
track things but you don’t have to.

Street Cleaning The link below lets you report street cleaning problems in particular or gives for example details of the cleaning schedule across the city and therefore Nether and Upper Poppleton.
Rubbish Collection
Whether you want to check your bin collection dates or report a missed bin the link below
has all the details you will need:

Trading Standards
Unfortunately, villages like ours are often blighted by rogue doorstep callers in particular,
The link below gives details of how and when you can
report wrongdoing or discuss your concerns