Agenda for 21 August 2023 Meeting

Nether Poppleton Parish Council Agendas Uploaded on August 16, 2023

Notice is hereby given that there will be a MEETING of the NETHER POPPLETON PARISH COUNCIL in the POPPLETON CENTRE, MAIN STREET, UPPER POPPLETON at 7.15pm on MONDAY, 21 AUGUST 2023 to consider the business set out below.
23/216 – To receive declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest (not previously declared) on any matters of business
23/218 – To receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting
23/219 – To consider the approval of reasons given for absence
23/220 – To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 17 July 2023
23/221 – To receive a report from a City of York Councillor – for information only
23/222 – To receive the Clerk’s Report on progress on the following: –
(a) Making the Long Ridge Lane/Millfield Lane junction more cycle friendly (Min. 23/193)
(b) Pruning back the branches of trees overhanging Somercote (Min. 23/195(b)i)
(c) Removing the branches hanging low over the drive up to Somercote (Min. 23/195(b)ii)
(d) Removing a log from the beck (Min. 23/195(b)iii
23/223 – Finance
(a) To receive a financial statement
(b) To note accounts for payment
(c) To receive a report on income received
(d) To consider the internal auditor’s report
23/224 – Parish Council Land – To receive progress reports and make appropriate decisions on
(a) Grass cutting.
(b) The management of Warren Lea including: –
i. Felling a dead sycamore by Riverside Walk
ii. Removing fallen ash tree branches in Riverside Walk
(c) The management of the Common Land including: –
i. Progressing the rectification of the damage to the riverbank next to Saxe Dane Lodge
ii. To consider quotations for conducting the five-year tree survey
(d) Allerton Drive garden
(e) The Moat Fields
(f) The Cartsheds including –
i. Agreeing to apply for a Street Works Section 171 Licence for laying asphalt in front of the cartsheds
ii. Considering quotations for laying asphalt between the road and the trench drain
iii. Removing ivy from the end wall of the cartshed
iv. Lining the underside of the roof in two of the bays
v. Considering a quotation for cutting the grassed area in front of the pond
(g) The Wildlife Area
23/225 – To consider Councillor and Clerk Training23/226 – To consider matters relating to Highways, Footpaths, Lampposts & Signs –
(a) To consider asking the City Council for advice on how to deal with traffic congestion around the Dodsworth Hall in Millfield Lane
(b) To consider action following a complaint about the tall bush in the planter at the corner of Ebor Way and Allerton Drive
23/227- To discuss the next steps in creating one parish council for Poppleton
23/228- To consider having a maintenance contract for the defibrillator
23/229- To discuss D-Day Celebrations June 2024
23/230 – To discuss where trees could be planted in the village and to agree a budget for the work.
23/231 – To receive verbal reports on/from
(a) Poppleton Community Trust
(b) Trees Working Group
(c) Village policing
(d) YLCA York Branch
(e) Youth Club
(f) Any other meeting
23/232 – To note Correspondence received by the Clerk
23/233 – To note the dates of forthcoming meetings
23/234 – To consider Minor Matters
23/235 – To consider items for the next agenda
23/236 – To agree the date of next meeting as Monday 18 September 2023
Posted 15 August 2023 Signed James Mackman
James Mackman, Clerk 39 Calder Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RG
Tel: 01904 399277 – email
*Members of the public who have registered their wish to speak regarding an item on the agenda can do so. Each resident will be allowed a maximum of three minutes. Anyone who wishes to register or requires further information is requested to contact the Clerk at the address above. The deadline for registering is 9.00pm on Monday 21 August 2023.