Assets Register as at 31 March 2023

Nether Poppleton Parish Council Annual ReportsStrategic Documents Uploaded on August 4, 2023

Nether Poppleton Parish Council
Asset    Location  Cost Price   Proxy Value   Insured Value   Date Acquired If Known   Supplier

Cartshed, Church Lane, Not known, £1,000, £32,036, About 1998, NYCC

War Memorial, Common Land, Not known, £6,040, £15,167, Rebuilt 2014

Allerton Drive Garden, Allerton Drive, Not known, £1

Common Land, Main Street, Not known, £1, About 1968, Lord of the Manor

Moatfields, Church Lane, £35,000.00, About 1998, NYCC

Bus Shelter, Main Street, Not known, £1,000

Bus Shelter, Millfield Lane, £3,952.00, 2014, Queensbury Shelters

Seats, Various locations, Not known, £100, Mainly gifts to the village

Seats Ebor Way/Allerton Drive, £556, 2018, Glasdon

Seats – 2, In front of pond, £1,240, 2021, Glasdon

“Nether Poppleton” sign, Main Street, Not known, £100,

“Nether Poppleton” sign, Millfield Lane, Not known, £100£100

Bollards at the Triangle, £1,480.85, 2014, £1,481, Ken Falkingham

“Nether Poppleton” brick sign, Millfield Lane, £1,875.00, 2014, City of York Council

Dog Poo Bag Dispenser, Church Lane, £272.03, 2016, Glasdon

Fencing, Riverside Gardens, £725.00, Ken Falkingham

Stilh’s Multi Purpose Machine, Cart Shed, £643.67, 2016, Harland Garden Machinery


Notice Boards
Allerton Drive, Not known, Millfield Gardens, Gift, £1

Church Lane, Not known, £1

Millfield Lane, Not known, £1