Agenda for 11 September 2023 Meeting

Upper Poppleton Parish Council Agendas Uploaded on September 5, 2023

Allotments including: –
Confirming the repairs to the allotment gate posts
The lowering of the boundary hedges
Guild Hut
23.150 – To consider matters relating to Highways, Footpaths, Lampposts & Signs
To consider reports on vandalism
To receive other reports
23.151 – To consider Councillor and Clerk Training
23.152 – To discuss the next steps in creating one parish council for Poppleton including approving the cost of a one-page article in the December Centrepiece magazine
23.153 – To discuss D-Day Celebrations June 2024
23.154 – To receive Committees’ Representatives Reports
Listed Buildings Working Group
Poppleton Community Trust
Village Show
YLCA York Branch
Youth Club
Any other meeting
23.155 – To receive a report on Village Policing
23.156 -To receive the Clerk’s Report on progress on the following:
Repairs to the railings opposite the tennis courts in Main Street (Min. 23.135a)
Drawing up of a tree policy for the Greens (Min. 23.135c)
The easement for vehicular access to Lyndhurst, Hodgson Lane (Min. 23.135d)
The possibility of converting the old coal yard at the station into a car park (Min. 23.135e)
The installation of CCTV to cover the Maypole Green (Min. 23.127aii)
The replacement for Millie Wright’s tree (Min. 23.127c)
23.157 – To note correspondence received
23.158 – To note forthcoming meetings
23.159 – To consider Minor Matters
23.160 – To consider new items for the next agenda
23.161 – To agree the date of next meeting
Posted 5 September 2023 Signed James Mackman
James Mackman, Clerk 39 Calder Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RG
Tel: 01904 399277 – email