Tree Planting Working Group

After contact from a resident raising the issue of how periodically trees in the village had had to be cut down but he didn’t feel they were being replaced Nether Poppleton Parish Council has decided to set up a working group to look at the broader issues of trees and what gaps there are and how we may increase the number and quality of trees in the village. A sensible maintenance plan will also be needed for any trees to be planted and to ensure we are doing all we can to look after existing trees.

The group will hopefully meet in the next couple of weeks and will look to make recommendations to the broader Parish Council, with the July meeting being the likely discussion time. The tree planting season in many ways starts in September and this would therefore work well in terms of signing off any expenditure needed before getting the spade out!

Do you have a view on trees in the village? If you do please get in touch with any thoughts about where and what type of trees you would like to see. We are also interested in any thoughts people may have about paying for them or possible dedication of trees, maybe to villagers who have died.

Shock at sheep killed by dogs

At the Nether Poppleton Parish Council’s April meeting the concerning matter of sheep being killed by uncontrolled dogs was discussed.  Unfortunately, two sheep at a farm in the village were recently killed by dogs and a third sheep was injured so badly that it had to be put down.  This is clearly awful for the sheep and the farmer and is a vital reminder that dogs must always be kept under control and on a lead when near sheep, however much owners may feel their dog will not attack or chase sheep.  At home, gardens must be secure to prevent dogs escaping and putting themselves and others at risk. 


It is the case that farmers can take action to protect their animals and could shoot an out-of-control dog.  So please, for the sake of all, ensure your dogs are controlled and if you see any dogs not being correctly controlled have a polite word with the owner or anything worse is a police matter. 

Dales Bus Service

A new DalesBus service is starting Sunday 18th April 2021 and running Sundays & Bank Holidays through to October.

The bus number 822 leaves from the Garden Centre Bus stop on the A59 at 09.38, travelling to Ripon (arrives 10.30), Fountains Abbey (arrives 10.45), Pateley Bridge (arrives 11.10) & Grassington (arrives 11.40).

It returns from Grassington at 15.55, Pateley Bridge at 16.25, Fountains Abbey at 16.45 and Ripon at 17.00, arriving back to Poppleton at 17.44

Full details are available here:

Councillors issue reminder for consideration on shop parking

We are lucky to have to a lovely parade of shops at Allerton Drive and hopefully the signs the Parish Council helped put up are directing more people to them! The parking spaces are designed for the shops and our local businesses need the support more than ever in the current climate.


Unfortunately a very small minority of people have parked at the shops for unreasonably long amounts of times, including one car being left for days on end.  Please do try and ensure you just park in the bays when you are using the shops as if they are full they will make life particularly hard for those who cannot walk easily. Additionally the bays all being full may force people to shop elsewhere or park nearby and create traffic issues.


Your parish councillors are investigating whether restrictions, such as a three hour time limit, could be brought in which would not impact any genuine shop users but would stop someone blocking the bays excessively. However hopefully that will not be necessary if we can all make sure we think of others when parking.

Replacement tree being planned for removed willow

I’m sure by now many of you will have noticed the removal of the large willow tree next to the cart sheds opposite Rupert’s Barn. It was quite a shame that the tree had to be removed but it was causing damage to the cart sheds themselves. A large crack had developed in the wall of the shed that threatened to cause it to collapse. The roots have undermined the foundations and so emergency action had to be taken.


We hope to plant a replacement tree, this time away from the cart sheds, as soon as we can. Although it will be some months before the tree will be planted we have added it to the agenda for future meeting discussion and it was agreed at the February Parish Council meeting that we would ask the Poppleton Wildlife Trust for their thoughts.


The sheds will need some repair as drains and gutters need to be cleaned and replaced and this work will take place as soon as possible, again it has been discussed at past meetings and will be in the future.