Councillors issue reminder for consideration on shop parking

We are lucky to have to a lovely parade of shops at Allerton Drive and hopefully the signs the Parish Council helped put up are directing more people to them! The parking spaces are designed for the shops and our local businesses need the support more than ever in the current climate.


Unfortunately a very small minority of people have parked at the shops for unreasonably long amounts of times, including one car being left for days on end.  Please do try and ensure you just park in the bays when you are using the shops as if they are full they will make life particularly hard for those who cannot walk easily. Additionally the bays all being full may force people to shop elsewhere or park nearby and create traffic issues.


Your parish councillors are investigating whether restrictions, such as a three hour time limit, could be brought in which would not impact any genuine shop users but would stop someone blocking the bays excessively. However hopefully that will not be necessary if we can all make sure we think of others when parking.