Agenda for 13 February 2023 Meeting

Upper Poppleton Parish Council Agendas Uploaded on February 7, 2023

Notice is hereby given that there will be a MEETING of the UPPER POPPLETON PARISH COUNCIL in the POPPLETON CENTRE, MAIN STREET, UPPER POPPLETON at 7.00pm on MONDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2023 to consider the business set out below.
23.021 – To receive declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest (not previously declared) on any matters of business
23.022 – To receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting
23.023 – To consider the approval of reasons given for absence
23.024 – To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 9 January 2023
23.026 – To receive the City of York Councillor’s report – for information only
23.027 – Planning Applications
(a) To consider the following Planning Applications: –
• Ref: 22/02618/FUL – Partial conversion of garage to hobby room at Collingwood House, Black Dykes Lane, YO26 6PT
• Ref: 22/02605/FUL – Change of use of 3no. existing agricultural buildings to use classes B2, B8 and E(g) to include lighting, amendments to external materials and fenestration and additional hard standing to create new service yards, parking and access. Extension of Cropton Road to provide access to development from Northminster Business Park at land and buildings lying to the North West Of Moor Lane and forming part of Oakwood Farm, Northfield Lane, Upper Poppleton.
• Ref: 22/02632/FUL – Single-storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory, and hip to gable roof enlargement with dormer to rear and 1no. rooflight to front at 78 Station Road, YO26 6QA.
• Ref: 23/00047/TPO – Reduce lateral canopy of 1no. Oak to give 2m clearance to properties – protected by Tree Preservation Order no. 1/1970 at 5 Bankside Close, YO26 6LH.
• Ref: 23/00078/FUL – Single-storey rear extension to existing annexe at Model Farm Stable, The Green, YO26 6DP.
• Ref: 23/00079/LBC – External alterations including single storey rear extension to existing annexe at Model Farm Stable, The Green, YO26 6DP.
• Ref: 23/00209/FUL – Single-storey rear extension at Mulberry House, 59 Station Road, YO26 6PZ.
(b) To note Local Authority Planning Decisions
23.028 – Finance
(a) To receive a financial statement
(b) To agree accounts for payment
(c) To receive a report on income received
23.029 – To consider matters relating to the Village Greens, Allotments and Guild Hut
(a) To consider a report from the Greens Working Group
(b) Trees including considering quotations for the work identified in the last tree survey
(c) Events
(d) Maintenance including
i. Agreeing the design of seats for installing on the Green
ii. To note the public meeting on 26 March regarding the proposal to construct a pond on Chantry Green
iii. Replacing the missing bollard in front of the White Horse Inn
(e) Allotments
(f) Guild Hut
23.030 – To consider matters relating to Highways, Footpaths, Lampposts & Signs
(a) To receive an update on the possibility of converting the old coal yard at the station into a car park
(b) To consider reports on vandalism
(c) To discuss the preservation of grass verges in the village
(d) To discuss the reinstatement of the hedges in Westfield Lane
(e) To receive other reports
23.031 – To consider Councillor & Clerk training
23.032 – To receive a report and discuss the contents of a draft letter to CYC concerning the possible development of the Blairgowrie site
23.033 – To discuss the report of the One Parish Council for Poppleton Working Party
23.034 – To consider purchasing pedestrian road warning signs
23.035- To receive Committees’ Representatives Reports
(a) King Charles III Coronation on 6 May 2023
(b) Listed Buildings Working Group
(c) Model Farm easement project
(d) Poppleton Community Trust
(e) Village Show
(f) YLCA York Branch
(g) Youth Club
(h) Any other meeting
23.036 – To receive a report on Village Policing
23.037 -To receive the Clerk’s Report on progress on the following:
(a) Repairs to the railings opposite the tennis courts in Main Street (Min. 23.015c)
(b) Setting up a formal approval process for use of the Green (Min. 23.015d)
(c) The installation of the seat to commemorate Ilene Wilson (Min. 23.015e)
(d) Replacing the bollard in front of the Co-op (Min. 23.009(d)iii)
23.038 – To note correspondence received
23.039 – To note forthcoming meetings
23.040 – To consider Minor Matters
23.041 – To consider new items for the next agenda
23.042 – To agree the dates of both the April and May 2023 Parish Council meetings
23.043 – To agree the date of next meeting
Posted 7 February 2023 Signed James Mackman
James Mackman, Clerk 39 Calder Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RG
Tel: 01904 399277 – email
*Members of the public who have registered their wish to speak regarding an item on the agenda can do so. Each resident will be allowed a maximum of three minutes. Anyone who wishes to register or requires further information is requested to contact the Clerk at the address below. The deadline for registering is 6.00pm on Friday 10 February 2023.